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Dialogue fosters moderation

"This reconciliation agreement with Hamas is a positive development and an indication of moderation. It should be supported in order to strengthen the moderates within the movement."

Rumsfeld Overheard: "War Lies Are Cool Now"

"Rumsfeld revealed the strategy behind the revelations made in his book about the illegal secret operations he helped set in motion shortly after the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001..."

Ayodhaya Verdict: Indian Voodoo Justice

"The shameless display of triumphalism shown by Saffron Brahmins, while spewing high moral slogans of unity and integrity in Indian society, is ample example of how the fascists have completely taken over the entire country, lock, stock and court hammer. The only alternative for the rest of the people, who are decidedly non-Brahmins, is to size up the danger of Brahmin conspiracies and boycott all Brahmin political groupings, including Congress and BJP."

An Early Look at November

"With two unresolved wars and a still sluggish economy, with high unemployment, compounded by a near three month long devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, voter disenchantment with Washington has grown. While none of these calamities can fairly be blamed on the President or Democrats, the Republican Party has been effective in exploiting voter unrest and, in some cases, anger. They have mobilized a movement of discontent directed at “big government” and Democrats."

Getting Out of Palestine?

"If Israel persists in its present policies of imposing apartheid in the West Bank, of strangulating Gaza, of carrying out carpet bombing of undefended Arab populations, it will continue to lose the liberal segments of its population to emigration....Should this happen, Israel would face a shrinking Jewish population, drained of much of its talent, consisting of mostly right-wing Jewish zealots, angry, nervous, and with their fingers on triggers that could launch some 200 nuclear weapons at targets in the Middle East and perhaps beyond."



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