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The revolution isn’t over yet

"As far as the Palestinian cause is concerned, not a great deal of change is expected. The Egyptian people, representing their complete political spectrum, are expected to continue their commitment to supporting the Palestinian struggle for independence and ending the occupation."

Violent Logic :: A Review of M. Shahid Alam’s Israeli Exceptionalism:...

"Israeli Exceptionalism is scholarly and well-researched, but appropriate for general readers. It is an important contribution to current discussions about the viability of Zionism and the future of Palestine. Alam writes with keen purpose and with an ethical point of view, one opposed to the injustices inscribed in Zionist logic, and one that is unfortunately still marginalized in North America."

Israeli concession is no concession at all

"If the United States welcomes Netanyahu's duplicitous offer and pressures Abbas to re-enter peace negotiations while East Jerusalem continues to be colonized and cleansed, Abbas will get the message... It's a message that many have feared to be true since that start of the peace process: The United States is incapable of being a fair mediator between the Palestinians and Israel."

Developing apart

"In trying to understand the situation and any future potential for reconciliation it is important to understand the difference in the realities of the West Bank and Gaza. Both areas are under Israeli occupation, but in the West Bank the Israeli army is operating throughout Palestinian areas, including in densely populated cities and towns. Israel fully controls the land, the expansion of settlements and settlement infrastructure and other infrastructure such as water, electricity and road networks, as well as the separation wall."

Why Zimbabwe? Why now?

"Western media seldom reports that Mugabe was and still is popular especially in the rural areas; his land reform has won him support among his own people. When Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980, 70 per cent of the country's farm land was in the hand of 5,000 European settler landowners."



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