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Pakistan’s Dysfunctional Judicial System

There are two opposing views about Pakistan. The cynics dismiss it as a "failed state." The other view holds that it has great potential...

The Dugard Report

"Israel cannot indefinitely stand against the world!"

British Treatment of Mau Mau Insurgency Foreshadows Imperial America

"The tides of history are against imperialism and brutal occupations by military powers. The day will come when Iraq will become free of American occupation and interference."

Day to Remember

"...such powers—like the United States and the United Kingdom—owe an exclusive responsibility for the solution of volatile global issues with Kashmir as the foremost—as such lingering problems are posing colossal perils to the world peace."

Bosnia, Rwanda, Liberia and now Darfur, time for a UN force

"It is time for a task force under the command of the United Nations to attend to these crises in early stages."