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SADC revives its commitment for Western Sahara’s UHURU

The issue of Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara has once again divided the African Union (AU). Morocco decided as a counter, to hold a...

Kashmiris never resigned to Indian occupation: Yusuf Buch

New York. March 4, 2018. Ambassador Yusuf Buch, former senior advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General has elucidated that f there had been popular...

The new Arab mindset is an ominous warning for the West

"The narrative before and after the revolt, remains unchanged for many Arabs. For them, the Arab world is ruled by pro-western elites who are more interested in the preservation of Western colonial interests than the liberation of Arab masses from tyranny....Right now, it seems as though any Western attempt to orchestrate political change in Arab countries is instantly rejected and thrown back. The dormant Arab mind is now awake, and is fast producing results that are diametrically opposed to the West’s longevity and primacy in the Middle East."

Tyranny of the majority is upon us; what do we do...

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard." -- U.S. journalist H.L. Mencken

Bush and Cheney’s Neo-Con cabal must own up America’s onrushing oblivion

"President Obama is sailing against the tide by trying to reform the financial and fiscal system as well as resorting to populist measures....if the Tea Party and the Republicans take over from him, they are sure to hasten the doomsday that they are inadvertently or deliberately planning for their country. It will be a very bleak prospect for the rest of the world to see such a promising nation, so foolishly destroyed by a cabal of rogue elements that can perpetuate their stranglehold on power through media brainwashing of its own people."



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