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G7 Summit neglects Kashmir

The Group of Seven summit this week in Charlevoix, Canada, reiterated their commitment to “shared values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and...

Bulletin… Bulletin: Mocha Revolution & more

"Under the new system, every single person in the USA will pay for his or her health care, choosing between private, public, religious or secret insurance agencies which will guarantee that in return for premiums, monthly, weekly and deductible fees, all Americans will be able to buy health care. Every single one of them."

Iraq: What must now be done

"It is difficult to see how any of this constitutes “victory,” or how any American writer can declare the US absolved from responsibility for the mess that remains."

Is Zuma victory comparable to Hamas’ Defeat of Fatah?

"The lessons following Hamas’ January 2006 victory cannot be ignored by the Zuma-led ANC. More so because South Africa – to its eternal shame – became one of the countries alongside the US to “disown” Hamas and celebrate Abbas as a “democrat” after his illegitimate dismissal of a popularly elected government representing the majority of Palestinians."

Media Flagstones Along a Path to War on Iran

"The latest U.S. media uproar about Iran’s nuclear program is part of a dream starting to come true for neo-cons in Washington who fantasize about “regime change” in Tehran. More realistically, for the nearer term, the Bush administration is setting the agenda for a U.S. air attack on Iran."



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