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Informal talks still have a role

"...more important reason that this type of diplomacy is waning can be attributed to the fact that Israel's government, Knesset and public opinion have been drifting towards the right--so much so that those who might have championed joint initiatives and track II efforts feel discouraged and have become less engaged."

US elections 2010: Learning from defeat

"Obama has nothing to lose now by sticking to his principles. He can still rally Americans by pushing ahead with arms control and climate change measures, carrying through on his vow to end the war in Afghanistan next year, pressuring Israel to abide by international norms, thereby showing the Washington beltway cabal for what it is."

Natural selection applies to modern dinosaurs, too

Death by natural selection is how life renews itself—the maladapted die off so that new life may flourish. With that fact firmly established, I’d like to turn to the man-made world, man-made dinosaurs and man-made selection.

Harper’s Canada dead last on G8 climate scorecard

"Mr. Harper claims that Canada's Kyoto target is unachievable, and if pursued would result in economic disaster, but the case of Germany suggests otherwise. Not only did it come out on top of the WWF ranking, but its economy did not suffer and it successfully promoted new renewable energy sources."

Skepticism over Obama’s election

"...it will require a fundamental and momentous change in US hubris to end the bombings, the invasions, the killings, the destruction, the coups, the occupations and the torture. ."



Wisdom, Not Rage

The Ceasefire This Time

A one-way road

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