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The Vast Danger of Narrow Minds

"It is not about any religion and how much you choose to practice the rites and rituals of your faith – that should always be left up to the individual. It is a matter of imposing this faith or at least one group’s narrow interpretation of it that is so dangerous."

Only by prioritizing the issues

"In recent years, this deadlock has been compounded by Israeli archeological digs and development of sites near the Mount and in the City of David, or Silwan. In Palestinian eyes, these projects are geared to uncover and display the remains of biblical Jerusalem at the expense of layer upon layer of non-Hebrew Jerusalem culture, including a millennium and a half of Arab and Muslim civilization. They also threaten to dislodge the current Palestinian Arab residents of Silwan."

Not a finished product

"...lest we forget, Fateh and Hamas did not split because of Israel, and they have not decided to reconcile because of Israel. As with the broader, volatile situation around us in the region, here too we are best advised, at least at this point in time, not to interfere."

Bush and Cheney’s Neo-Con cabal must own up America’s onrushing oblivion

"President Obama is sailing against the tide by trying to reform the financial and fiscal system as well as resorting to populist measures....if the Tea Party and the Republicans take over from him, they are sure to hasten the doomsday that they are inadvertently or deliberately planning for their country. It will be a very bleak prospect for the rest of the world to see such a promising nation, so foolishly destroyed by a cabal of rogue elements that can perpetuate their stranglehold on power through media brainwashing of its own people."

What preoccupies young Palestinian minds

"After the introductions and the greetings came yet another touching moment. The youth from the Nablus area wanted to know how fellow Palestinians in nearby Jerusalem were doing. They wanted to know how Nablusites were doing! No one talked about the wall, no one mentioned occupation, travel restrictions weren't harped on. Their message, delivered without malice, anger or hatred, was clear. They cared about the occupation."



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