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When the Leaders Lead, the People Have Sorrow

"Washington’s policies are taking their toll from Afghanistan to Main Street to the Gulf of Mexico. That’s why so many people are more determined than ever to lead from the grassroots by sending genuine progressives to Congress."

Revisiting Iran’s Green Movement

"...the plight of over 47 million Iranians who, according to a joint report by Iran’s Central Bank and Statistics Center, are now living below the line of poverty is a good case in point, as are the plights of Iran’s banking industry and foreign reserve fund, though they expose merely the tip of the iceberg."

Arab & American Journalists: A Comparison

"A bold idea comes to mind. Let's make a trade. Arab journalists can be brought to the United States to cover the White House, Congress and political campaigns. Here they can expand their freedom and perfect their craft. At the same time, we'll send the U.S. "pack" journalists to the Arab world, where they can learn to fight for the freedom they now enjoy but do not exercise."

Why the Government doesn’t care what you think

"All the more reason for us to elect the right person come November -- so that in four years, we don't run the risk of seeing someone from the next administration yawn in the public's face."

Political Battles Continue While Musharraf Gets ‘Home Run’ on Legal Front

"In the run up to the Presidential elections, Pakistan promises to be a hotbed of confrontational political activities; both within and outside of the parliament. The onus will now be on those opposing general Musharraf to make winning moves in the political battle-field. Unless any wholly unexpected developments take place, there is little likelihood that they will manage any winning and decisive moves."



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