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Defining What It Means to be Religious

Ever since we learned that eighty percent of self-described "born-again" Christians supported Donald Trump's candidacy for president, there has been a discussion about how...

Israelis and Palestinians unite to confront settler colonialists

"We should oppose any extremism whether it is in politics or religion. Evil begets evil in politics and religion and evil is defined as the premeditating harm, which is inflected upon others to dispossess, can only bring about the same to the aggressor."

We are Not Done With Racism – Yet

"One of the most enduring qualities of America is its ability to bring together different cultures and allow them a space to settle into the fabric of this nation. It is the secret of our success as a nation, yet it is increasingly under attack from those who espouse a mono-cultural America. We need to take a shared responsibility and give voice to a consistent message, that hate speech and marginalization of any group must not be tolerated."

Crusade for Fairness

"It is not 9/11 or 7/7; Islam was always portrayed as a threat to Western societies. Fear and the emotions that accompany it, has become a part of the public mindset."

Why are the greatest Western writers on Islam not known today?

"Not a week goes by without another article, or cluster of articles, appearing in Western newspapers under the bylines of so-called specialist writers and semi-academics whose main thesis is openly anti-Islamic."



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