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Victory in Superdelegates Fight Means: Grassroots Can Win

When members of the Democratic National Committee voted to take power away from themselves and other “superdelegates” -- removing their leverage over the presidential...

Leaving Afghanistan by Staying

"The agreement requires that all "entities" involved in a peace process renounce violence, but the Taliban will no more do that while under foreign occupation than the United States will do so while occupying.  This is not a serious plan to leave.  Nor is it a plan based on Afghan sovereignty, numerous claims to the contrary notwithstanding.  This is a treaty for more years of war, on the model of the Bush-Maliki treaty for Iraq, but with the difference that theirs included an end date."

Imran Khan – A man of evolution

"...Pakistan and the people of Pakistan need a leader who can be above of all these division. Pakistan is desperately, looking for a person who can also deal with the western powers and neighbour on Pakistan’s critical geopolitical issues successfully and at the same time provide the nation a confidence to survive....At Minar-e-Pakistan, Imran announced his agenda for Pakistan’s internal and external matters, economic issues, poverty, education, jobs, electricity, power etc. I have particularly noticed that nowadays no leader in Pakistan talks about solutions of the problems Pakistan is facing rather than securing numbers on blaming, criticising and abusing other leaders and parties. Imran’s last night speech at Minar-e-Pakistan was very different and different than the traditional speeches of other political gurus of Pakistan."

University of Chicago Failed to Distance Itself from Olmert’s Criminality

"It is not the fact that the University of Chicago decided to invite a pro-Israel speaker that has offended so many. Rather, it is Olmert’s criminality that offends. It is the disparity with which the university treated its affected students that offends. It is the way in which they assured us that all views would be given a platform, and yet blatantly repressed the point of view of one group of people, that offends. And for this they must, at the very least, apologize."

Medical Mission Heroes Middle East

"Medical professionals of diverse backgrounds have demonstrated that their volunteer surgery and medical initiatives are imperative for the people on the receiving end of war and occupation. It is up to individuals in the international community to continue making contributions that aid people in their time of need."



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