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SADC revives its commitment for Western Sahara’s UHURU

The issue of Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara has once again divided the African Union (AU). Morocco decided as a counter, to hold a...

Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade Celebrates 45th Birthday

The Mayor's Annual Christmas Parade, a gala event, was launched, in Hampden, (Hon), Baltimore, Maryland, on Sunday afternoon (12.03.17). The weather was sunny and...

Episcopal Bishop Eugene Sutton champions the Cause of the “DREAMers”

A spirited rally was held on the afternoon of September 13, 2017, in Bishop's Park, Baltimore, Maryland. A crowd of about 150 were present....

Good Media is Responsible Media

"Contrary to what many may believe, sensationalism, which often compromises credibility, has the opposite effect on receivers. And in this war of information that we often find ourselves in, especially within the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it is imperative that when we say something, even if it is from a Palestinian angle, we make sure it is true."

Leave the Children Alone

"Unfortunately, Israel’s long-term plans include victimizing Palestinian children. According to Defense for Children International – Palestine Section, 105 children under 18 still remain in Israeli jails. Furthermore, the organization said that since 2008, it has documented 38 cases of children being held in solitary confinement. Children are routinely taken from their homes in the middle of the night, shackled, blindfolded and separated from their parents when interrogated."



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