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Pat Robertson was Right

"...maybe Preacher Pat did all of us a big favor. He should receive the praise of a grateful nation. His statements could chip away at the denial that most of us are wallowing in. Anyone with enough smarts to not have to call tech support when they want to use a stapler, should finally get it."

U.S. Empire strikes at Christians and Muslims alike

"Submit to Empire or die. This applies to Muslims as well as Catholics. This applies to atheists and agnostics, and may apply one day to Anglicans and Lutherans and Hindus and Buddhists and Russian Orthodox worshippers. Submit to Empire or die -- your faith is irrelevant when worship of the Almighty Dollar demands your obeisance."

Why Waziristan cannot be conquered

"Beware of despising the tribals. They brought both Muslim and non Muslim Emperors to grief whether it was Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb, Ranjit Singh or the British king."



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