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That Would Be Really Hard

"I don't care if you donate a lot of money to charity, or not.  I don't even care if you pay your taxes. I don't care about your religious beliefs. I don't care if you cheat on your husband - none of my business. I don't care if you feed your kids Twinkies for breakfast.  I care only about the domestic and foreign policy that you support.  People die every day because of those policies. I might believe that you care about us, if you ever resign from the Republican/Democratic Party, but I know that that would be really hard. ""

Honour cannot be fought for, it is earned

"The irony of this support for the indiscriminate mass frenzied killing is that it comes from people who seek to remind the world that the killing of the Jewish people during the holocaust was a shameful period in the history of mankind which should never be repeated. The mind continues to boggle when one listens to many of their Rabbis endorsing the killing of another nation as if only Jewish blood is sacred."

Global Starvation Ignored by American Policy Elites

"Global hunger and massive wealth inequality is based on political policies that can be changed. There will be no national security in the US without the basic food needs of the world being realized."

Our Trillion-Dollar War

"If a trillion dollars were simply given to those counted as poor by the federal government (37 million in 2005), it would amount to $27,000 per person. That’s $81,000 for a family of three, higher than the median income of all American families, and far greater than the poverty threshold of $15,577."

The Bush Administration Makes New Enemies Daily

"No conflict in the world is apparently too unimportant or irrelevant to “U.S. security” for the world’s superpower to refrain from intervening. The first responsibility of any government is to try to make its people genuinely secure, not to perpetuate empire. Empire does not generate security, but rather undermines it. The bomb plot should be a wake-up call to the Bush administration to disengage from needless meddling in other countries’ wars and conflicts."



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