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Those who care need to act

"In all cases, it is important to say--and hopefully such visits would highlight this reality--that Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian holy sites in the city are subject to terrible discrimination and oppressive treatment by the Israeli occupiers, even in comparison with how this occupation treats the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories. As such, those who care about the fate of the city and its people need to redouble their efforts to end Israel's occupation and allow for the creation of the Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is a precondition for the two-state solution and a peaceful settlement."

The Perils of being a Peace Broker

"This power vacuum again exemplifies that the Arab Spring has effectively sidelined the issues of minority groups within the Arab states namely the Kurds and the Saharawis of the Western Sahara. However it also raises questions as to whether Erdogan can fulfil the responsibility given to him by justice and honour. After all Ataturk’s quote was not meant to be read as two alternatives – “Peace at home” or Peace in the world”; but rather as a holistic instrument by which to rule – peace at home amounts to peace in the world. This is the lesson Erdogan should learn from the Ottoman experience in order to capitalise on the noble status Turkey now holds in the global community."

Introduce accountability

"By continuing the expansion of settlements, Israel is disregarding the Middle East policy of almost every country in the world. Nearly all stipulate that the Israeli settlements and their ongoing growth are obstacles to peace and illegal, and therefore must be stopped. The question the Palestinians are going to ask in September at the United Nations is what the international community is going to do about this intransigence."

Before September, unity must be achieved

"Unfortunately, the sad history of repeated mistakes is happening again. When the Palestinians head to the United Nations in September to demand recognition of a Palestinian state, it should be with one voice."

Pizzarotti should follow in Deutsche Bahn’s footsteps

"The Italian Coalition Stop That Train, a network of over 80 associations, is working to convince Pizzarotti to pull out of the project. On Monday a campaign was launched to "Declare Your City Pizzarotti-free", with a sample resolution to be presented in city and provincial councils throughout Italy excluding Pizzarotti from contracts for public works. The same tactic, drawing on a EU directive that allows for exclusion of companies "guilty of grave professional misconduct," was used in the campaign against French multinational Veolia, who's involvement in the light rail project in occupied East Jerusalem has cost the company $10 billion in lost contracts."



Mixed Trend

Economic Spoils of War

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