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A Reminder on the Essence of Genuine Leadership

Elections are held in many parts of our globe for a plethora of reasons – from electing the head of an organization (including but...

Not only time will be lost

"Jordan and other Arab countries that supported this last initiative in Amman now have even greater responsibility and obligation to explain to the other interested parties that Israel has proven reluctant to grasp this opportunity for actual engagement. They need to help communicate the message that simply extending these talks without changing their substance and without encouraging the partners, especially Israel, to engage in a way compatible with international law will not bring about any better chances for peace."

Israel’s extremism is the reason

"...the efforts of the friends of Israel, including the United States and Europe, should focus on influencing Israel bilaterally, including by introducing elements of accountability into their relationships. The fact that Israel has been allowed to enjoy having its cake and eating it too--in other words, disregarding the expectations of its friends while continuing to enjoy the benefits of those friendships--has allowed these negative hard-line trends to continue."

The Arab Spring has yet to focus on media freedoms

"While various forms of electronic media, especially those based outside a particular country witnessing unrest, have contributed to the Arab Spring, the latter have not been able to change long-standing media monopolies or regulations. In some countries further restrictions have been attempted."

Voterism: A Government for The New Millennium

"A voter centric government is one that is founded upon the belief that a free society depends upon the handwritten selection of representatives by voters who use hand-counted paper ballots and who celebrate all national elections with a paid voting holiday....A voterist believes a votocracy created and controlled by individual voters is the most favorable form of government....Voterism is not a political party.  Rather, it is a way for independently-minded and concerned voters of every political persuasion to think for themselves....As our rapidly-changing world spins into a new millennium, and the older forms of governments are using new forms of technology to become more repressive of and less responsive to their electors, isn’t it time for all of us to consider a modification in how we organize for the common good?"



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