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Predicting the Presidential Election, 2012

"Lichtman is no crystal ball gazer. His predictions are based on a formula he developed in 1981 in collaboration with a Russian geophysicist, who had previously specialized in creating models used to forecast earthquakes. Their approach was based on a thorough analysis of the forces at work in shaping the political landscape in every U.S. presidential elections from 1860 to 1980. From this examination they developed their predictive model. And since then, Lichtman has used it to correctly forecast the outcome of every election from 1984 through 2008."

The Vast Danger of Narrow Minds

"It is not about any religion and how much you choose to practice the rites and rituals of your faith – that should always be left up to the individual. It is a matter of imposing this faith or at least one group’s narrow interpretation of it that is so dangerous."

The Arab Spring has yet to focus on media freedoms

"While various forms of electronic media, especially those based outside a particular country witnessing unrest, have contributed to the Arab Spring, the latter have not been able to change long-standing media monopolies or regulations. In some countries further restrictions have been attempted."

Reform, loyalty and sports

"Reform in Jordan has yet to arrive full force. Tiny steps have been taken by the 42 amendments to the Jordanian Constitution. Contrary to expectation, these changes will do little to usher in a democratic phase in Jordan. While some amendments have been welcomed by human rights activists, the overall picture of the changes reflects mostly superficial amendments that are unlikely to shake up the governing process in the Kingdom."

Fighting for Jerusalem, Book by Book

"The onus does not fall solely on the Palestinian schools in east Jerusalem facing the brunt of the pressure but also on the Palestinian Authority to fight for Jerusalem. This is primarily a matter of education but it is also about our political will. If Israel gets its way, it would have cemented one more tool supporting the claim that Jerusalem is part of Israel. This is something we as Palestinians cannot accept no matter the pressure. First grade teachers, unite and teach the young minds before you the beautiful colors of Palestine."