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Arab Spring has shown the way to freedom

"Now that the Arabs have discovered and tasted freedom and the mechanism of power sharing through elections, no one, including Islamists will be able to take it away from them. And if they try, people power will gang up on them....The Arab Spring will produce a mix of individuals subscribing to old and new ideologies. But as long as they are committed to power sharing and the voluntary nonviolent transfer of power, the revolution and the sacrifices would have been worth it."

No impact on a dead process

"The only clear analytical conclusion one can draw from this exchange, then, is that the Palestinian prisoner issue must be a component of any future agreement with Israel. The joy felt in all Palestinian towns and villages this week showed just how dear the plight of the prisoners is to most Palestinians. Indeed, it is difficult to find a Palestinian family that has not had a member imprisoned in Israel, experiencing the grief, fear and loss endured by the family of now-released Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit."

May we never, ever become like them

"Israel today is slowly eroding from the inside and it is partially because there are settlers who draw no moral lines and a government which allows them to do so because it serves their long term goals. The Palestinians today are demanding a state of their own, one they rightfully deserve. Israel’s settlers are expected to fight this state tooth and nail because of some twisted and racist logic that says this land is for Jews only."

Reform, loyalty and sports

"Reform in Jordan has yet to arrive full force. Tiny steps have been taken by the 42 amendments to the Jordanian Constitution. Contrary to expectation, these changes will do little to usher in a democratic phase in Jordan. While some amendments have been welcomed by human rights activists, the overall picture of the changes reflects mostly superficial amendments that are unlikely to shake up the governing process in the Kingdom."

The Republican Dilemma

"This highlights, more than anything, the GOP's dilemma: in a year they desperately want to win and feel they can win, their base has moved so far to the right, that they may end up choosing a candidate whose views do not reflect America's mainstream, and who is, therefore, unelectable."