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The African Union: What the civilian population expect

It is not an exaggeration for one to say that the civilian population of our beautiful continent is sick and tired over the inaction...

Battle for Democratic Party: After the Unity Reform Commission

With the Democratic Party's "Unity Reform Commission" now history, major political forces are entering a new stage of contention over the future of the...

Will a zionist fifth column commandeer Canada’s left-wing party?

"The most disquieting aspect of this exchange, though, was not the lame answers I got, but the fact that this person is intelligent and has had at least a basic education in the Middle East. He is not your typical hasbarat from whom one would expect anodyne clichés and cognitive denials."

Abbas juggles initiatives while Israel takes none

"The Netanyahu government as currently constituted would be incapable of doing so even if it wished to. Hence it is comfortable to cite the Arab revolutions as a good reason to "keep its powder dry" on the Palestinian front. Nor does the government of Israel appear to have asked itself how its growing preoccupation with Iran's nuclear threat might conceivably interact with the "Arab spring" in the absence of a peace process."

If not now then never – Wake-up Pakistanis

"The leader of the rising political party of Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Justice Party), Mr. Imran Khan announced that if the current rulers of Pakistan refused to follow the Supreme Court’s verdicts and trying to execute other measure which may over-rule the Court’ decision then he would ask the people of Pakistan to come out and stand behind the Courts of Justice. It is very visible now that if these rulers succeed in their plans then that will be an unrecoverable loss for Pakistan as it happened in the past in 1971 when Pakistan was broken into half."



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