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SC verdict on Assam GP Certificate is historic, but hold on…

The supreme court of India has allowed on 5 December 2017, certificates issued by Gram Panchayat (GP) or executive magistrate to be used as...

Jerusalem’s 360,000 ‘orphans’

"While Palestinian leaders keep evoking the importance of Jerusalem in the national struggle, it is very likely that even if an agreement is found at political level, Palestinians will discover that the city they have been declaring their capital is an empty shell run by thugs and criminals."

Our prisoners also have a story worth telling

"...before the press is quick to condemn the freed prisoners, perhaps they should balance their criticism for both sides. Just as Gilad Shalit was barred from family, from sunlight and from interaction with others, countless Palestinian prisoners have endured months and years in solidarity confinement, others have not been allowed family visits and still others have been subjected to severe torture methods by Israeli intelligence officers during interrogation sessions that have lasted weeks and months on end."

Escape to a World of Palestinian Surprises

"While the dehumanization continues, the “freedom fever” spreading throughout the Middle East means there is an exciting new chapter of change....Isn’t it time for decades of dehumanization to end?"

Palestinians are Not Just About the Occupation

"...if you look hard enough and in the right places, you will find that Palestine and the Palestinians are more than the political masks they are forced to wear. We are people who appreciate a good poetry reading, a good novel, a concert, a symphony or a play. We are a people who will most definitely observe the holy month of Ramadan just like centuries past. But that does not stop us from enjoying the after-dusk celebrations, from going to a dance performance and from allowing ourselves, even if momentarily, to escape from the darker side of our reality."



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