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Thank You, Ireland

On Wednesday morning, I watched an amazing debate unfolding in the Irish Seanad (Senate), as members spoke for and against a bill to prohibit...

Fayyad’s subversion of Right of Return a reward for Apartheid Israel

"Settler expansion in Occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank is at an all time high, despite warnings by Obama. Evidence of Israel’s defiance is visible in the frenzied activities of giant cranes and military bulldozers. Yet Fayyad seems to consider Israeli leaders as partners with integrity...By cautioning Netanyahu not to succumb to “settlers”, he seems oblivious of the fact that entire Israel is a huge settlement! It is this mass of land that many historians and solidarity activists regard as colonized Palestine awaiting liberation and to which refugees are anxious to return."

Netanyahu: Master Maneuverer

"Watch this play out, and, especially, watch for the President’s response. Despite the signals sent by others and the maneuverings of the Israeli Prime Minister, in this mini-drama, it is Obama who will write the final scene."



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