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Analysis of Mid-east Cauldron incomplete without "J" word

"We will be spared the grossly exaggerated claims about the "best deal" at Camp David offered to Yasser Arafat. Instead we will be told about the layers of deceit and corrupt manipulation that the doors of the US retreat shielded from public scrutiny. Perhaps we will also be told that since Arafat refused to sell his soul - no self-respecting leader of an oppressed people ever will - he was killed. And that his killers are the same thugs that killed Lebanon's Rafik Hariri."

Tenet Now, Rummy and Wolfie Soon

"Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz exhibited mind blowing arrogance in believing that a much despised United States could invade a sovereign Islamic nation, remove the only force (Saddam’s government) holding a cauldron of ethnic rivalry in check, and socially engineer a fractious society with an unfamiliar culture into a western-style free market democracy."

Republicans elect a mayor in San Francisco; Democrats take the Credit

"...San Francisco's civic culture retains much of the flavor of radical labor politics and gold rush exuberance that characterized its 19th century origins. There is nowhere else like it in America."



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