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Bare Naked Brand Names

"After the massive success of social media, new domain name management platforms will further kindle huge fires up the major global branding and marketing services. A new stage is being set by ICANN (the International Corporation of Assigned names & Numbers) and their gTLD global top level domain name program, where name-centricity will drive the digital branding explosion. What should the brand owners do? Strip their business name clean of every support, attachment, and gimmick and assess the risk of them being lost in the crowd of common language. Without a professional name evaluation report the entire marketing and branding budget may be questionable. A distinct name identity is what separates a name from a word; the stripped down identity test will prove this."

America in a difficult predicament over North Korea

"...the nuclear test by North Korea is indicative of the Bush administration’s total failure to control Pyongyang’s nuclear programme. In short, like with Iraq, the Bush administration has run out of viable options to deal with North Korea. Furthermore, it also makes a mockery of Bush’s efforts to paint Iran as the number one threat to world security, while North Korea continues to prove it has the ability to hurt the US. Apart from conducting further talks there is little the US can do right now."

A fate foretold

"There is no doubt that the Palestinian side needs to do more in terms of internal security in order to contribute to the success of his mission, but by putting up unnecessary obstacles to his mission, ultimately it is Israel that is discrediting itself. Yet, what is still lacking is the necessary political will on behalf of the international community to truly empower Wolfensohn to implement his program. If the international community does so, it will help both Palestinians and Israelis."

9/11: Remembering the World Trade Center

"It's time to rebuild the Twin Towers. On this 9/11, it would be nice if someone uttered the obvious truth: the only true memorial to 9/11 is rebuilding the Twin Towers. That, and nothing less."

Vital for peace

"In the meantime--such roads could take a year -and-a-half to construct-the second idea is to cater for immediate needs by utilizing new technology that scans an entire cargo without human inspection, thereby allowing Israel to replace the back-to-back system to a more efficient system. Whatever is decided upon, the integrity of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as one territory, which can be facilitated only by ensuring the free movement of goods and people between the two, is vital for the future economic prospects of a Palestinian state and therefore vital for the prospects of peace."



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