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Increasing food production and distribution for human consumption causes population growth

Regardless of what we believe because it is politically convenient, economically expedient, socially correct, religiously tolerated and culturally syntonic to do so, whatsoever is...

Will a zionist fifth column commandeer Canada’s left-wing party?

"The most disquieting aspect of this exchange, though, was not the lame answers I got, but the fact that this person is intelligent and has had at least a basic education in the Middle East. He is not your typical hasbarat from whom one would expect anodyne clichés and cognitive denials."

Rooting-out Corruption is Good, but Parallel Government is Injurious to Democracy

"In a democracy, the government is only as good as the people vote for. If the electorate really wanted honesty and integrity, they could have voted for them as beacons. But they did not, they vote for personal aggrandizement on the basis of cast etc. Impetuous quick solutions often bring unintended consequences. Thoughtful people should take time to bring in change without injuring the constitution and the essence of democracy. The start has been made to check corruption. Anna Hazare should compromise to get a good bill instead of throwing the country in to chaos."

A HAARP with a Malevolent Tune

"It is essential that the general public demand that the existence of this ultra-sophisticated weather machine be publicly acknowledged and that its true purpose be publicly revealed: information which would undoubtedly result in HAARP’s abrupt termination. The lack of any organized grassroots movement to pull the plug on HAARP is a direct result of the fact that its very existence been carefully shrouded in (ultra-top) secrecy. Internet articles focusing on HAARP are commonly removed, while no mention of it is permitted in the mainstream press. Alarmed Americans must work quickly and feverishly to prevent this destructive technology from being used any further upon our own nation."

Russell Hopfenberg’s science

"On our watch, the human family appears to be unknowingly precipitating a planetary emergency with potentially profound implications for the future of life as we know it on Earth. If a human-driven global emergency is in fact looming before us, it is incumbent upon those leaders inside and outside the community of scientists in my generation of elders to take the measure of the global ecological challenges that are so distinctly human-forced, so rampantly emergent and so rapidly convergent in our time."



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