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It’s not Iran

"At the end of the day, the combination of Iran, Arab revolutions and US elections has placed all these calculations on the back burner. Those in the international community who are not otherwise preoccupied should be exploiting the hiatus of 2012 to think about better alternatives to Oslo....From this standpoint, the problem is not Iran."

Israel plays a role

"Recent experience has led many analysts and politicians to conclude that engaging Hamas and involving it collectively in social responsibilities have a moderating effect on the movement. Engaging Hamas empowers its moderates and encourages healthy debate within the group. Isolating it, on the other hand, plays into the hands of the movement's most extreme elements....For these purposes, Palestinians are having difficulty understanding Israel's anxiety about the reconciliation process. They are suspicious that Israel's hostility to reconciliation arises because Israel is actually hostile to an independent, unified, and contiguous Palestinian state as part of the two-state solution."

I just found 29 Million jobs

"A major effort would be needed to convert military factories and workers to green energy and other industries.  Net job gains reflect a lot of job losses and redirected careers.  But that conversion is part of this process and will involve job creation itself.  If additional funding is needed, then, you know what, the hell with it, go ahead and tax a few multi-billionaires.  It won't hurt them."

Not a finished product

"...lest we forget, Fateh and Hamas did not split because of Israel, and they have not decided to reconcile because of Israel. As with the broader, volatile situation around us in the region, here too we are best advised, at least at this point in time, not to interfere."

After Egypt: Arab Voices Matter

"Arabs have been inspired by Egypt and empowered to believe that their voices must be heard and respected. It will make life more complicated for Western and some Arab policy makers. But if this complication is a good thing and it represents change, that has been a long time coming. As President Obama said, this is just the beginning and after today, nothing will be same. The reality is that this transformation will not only affect Egypt. The change that is coming will be bigger than any of us can imagine."



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