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First Judeo-Christian Crusade for Jerusalem

The word Crusade is associated with the European Christians of Middle Ages. The declared purpose of the European Crusades was to reclaim Jerusalem from...

Outdated inheritance laws indicative of larger issue regarding the status of...

Personal statutes are hard to change in the Middle East; their enforcement is entrusted to conservative religious establishments. Outdated laws regulate marriage, inheritance, divorce,...

The Palestinians Only Need One Representative

"But in any and all cases, the Palestinians do not need one more nail in the coffin of their reconciliation efforts. President Abbas is still the Palestinian leader recognized by most of the world and most Palestinians and so he will remain, at least if and until a new leader is elected."

Those who care need to act

"In all cases, it is important to say--and hopefully such visits would highlight this reality--that Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian holy sites in the city are subject to terrible discrimination and oppressive treatment by the Israeli occupiers, even in comparison with how this occupation treats the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories. As such, those who care about the fate of the city and its people need to redouble their efforts to end Israel's occupation and allow for the creation of the Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is a precondition for the two-state solution and a peaceful settlement."

Doha agreement resolves major obstacle

"After the Palestinian leadership decided to go to the UN to seek recognition, US and other Western funding has dried up leaving Arab funding as the only alternative. It was no coincidence this week that Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo pledged to provide the Palestinian Authority with an estimated $100 million a month to help it cover the cost of salaries both in the West Bank and Gaza....However, it is unlikely that this amount, or even a fraction of it, will actually be transferred to the Palestinian Authority if the reconciliation is not carried out."



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