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Warning: This article contains graphic human rights abuse in Canada

"The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) says Canada is ignoring the basic human rights of the poorest and most vulnerable Canadian women. FAFIA spokesperson Sharon McIvor says, “Canada is the home of serious violations of the human rights of Aboriginal women and girls.”

A President Needs Good Judgment Rather than Experience

"...experience does not necessarily produce good policy instincts--in fact, in McCain’s case, he seems to have been co-opted into bad judgments by serving too long in Washington’s military-industrial-congressional complex. Observers of the elections should remain undistracted by the superficial debate on “experience” and should focus directly on the candidates’ judgment."

Hallelujah, Phil’s Back

"War is not glamorous - it is not romantic- and it is not necessary. In war there are no winners. War is hell. Just ask Tomas Young."

To Impeach, or Not to Impeach

"There is no logical reason for optimism. All of the anti-war protests in the world cannot stop this war machine. War has become so profitable for the corporations that wars will continue."

"War isn’t healthy for children and other living things"

"It’s time to realize we are not democrats or republicans. We are the tax paying citizens of the United States of America and these people WORK FOR US. It’s time to hold them all accountable. Down to the last dime and the last drop of blood."



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