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Time for a Non-Violent Global Resistance Movement to End Israeli Occupation

"People of conscience are speaking out and calling for a global movement to put an end to the occupation and oppression of the Palestinians."

An Informed Heart

"A visit to Google News to read headlines on the Gaza slaughter reveals the same distorted picture. Even "neutral" headlines and stories promote the twisted reality that Palestinians and Israelis share responsibility for the darkness. An endless stream of lies fills the air waves and Zionist apologists engage prejudices to promote their agenda."

Ponzi Capitalism

"The trillions spent to destroy Iraq and threaten worse for Iran are denied the nation’s health and infrastructure, bringing it closer to falling apart at the seams if this military and monetary madness isn’t stopped."

Washing War Crimes at the Washington Post

"It’s a matter of historical record that the Post was instrumental in marketing the war of choice in Mesapotamia. Its reporters and neo-con commentators were among the elite shock troops that conspired with the Office of Special Plans to perpetrate the WMD hoax against the American public."

As I lay dying

"The greatest horror Bush has inflicted on humanity, the suppurating body of Iraq, is unlikely to be attended by Democrats. They want the White House in two years, and they do not want to be left holding Bush's "tarbaby." Instead, they will scrutinize and highlight every twist and turn of Bush's bumbling, murderous efforts as he struggles to leave Iraq. American politics are just that brutal. No wonder there are so many wars."



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