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Pakistan’s greatest crisis is the country’s withering leadership

"The root cause of Pakistan’s leadership predicament can be attributed to a single factor – namely the economic and political system left behind by the British – later amended by the US. This system has meticulously cultivated a plethora of civilian and military leaders who were defeated, corrupt and infatuated with the West. In their eagerness to serve western powers – western solutions were relentlessly borrowed and applied to all walks of Pakistani life. The cut and paste mentality was bound to fail, as the adopted solutions were disconnected from the problems of Pakistan and opposed to the beliefs and cultural values coveted by the people. Subsequently, Pakistan witnessed years of turmoil and polarization which has reached a tumultuous climax today."

The Somali Famine, Despair and Resilience

"...nothing inspired me more than seeing school children walking back from their schools chattering their way back to their homes, and university student proudly walking in groups conversing and trading ideas. This scene has validated to me the notion that Somalia is still a living nation that can dust itself out of the ruins."

The Winds of Democratic Change in the Arab World

"The winds of democratic change are blowing in the Arab world and Arab states would be better off to accommodate rather than resist. Arab states can choose to either use its refreshingly young energy to build a more inclusive political order and more prosperous economy and society, or can ignore the writings on the walls and, hence, turn the winds into unpredictable storms."

The ICC: Europe’s Guantanamo Bay for Africa?

"Africa fought long and hard for its independence. It must reject this new "legal" colonialism. The ICC’s double-standards and autistic legal blundering in Africa has derailed delicate peace processes – thereby prolonging devastating civil wars. There is a clear lesson for countries in Africa and elsewhere: do not join the ICC and do not refer your country to the ICC. It is the equivalent of inviting a cancer into your system."

Conflict in Thailand may lead to Civil War

"The Thai government has thus far failed to realize that heavy-handed security-based approaches end up radicalizing oppressed communities and increasing popular support for resistance groups....The US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the continuing presence of foreign troops in many Muslim societies have already worked to radicalize the Muslim community in Thailand and increase their awareness of global Muslim grievances."



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