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Is peace around the corner or far away?

"The fast-moving events in the Middle East, especially in Egypt and Syria, have so far distracted attention from Palestine to the Arab Spring and its repercussions. However, as one Arab politician said recently, spring is a season that returns yearly. Failure to grab the current unique opportunities for peace will not mean that Palestinian yearning for freedom and independence will go away. It might be winter in Palestine now, but spring is surely around the corner."

Setting Our Moral Compass Straight

"The point is, the Palestinians have so much going against them that they have every reason in the world to band together, not only politically but in various social aspects where, frankly, they aren’t."

Fayyad’s subversion of Right of Return a reward for Apartheid Israel

"Settler expansion in Occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank is at an all time high, despite warnings by Obama. Evidence of Israel’s defiance is visible in the frenzied activities of giant cranes and military bulldozers. Yet Fayyad seems to consider Israeli leaders as partners with integrity...By cautioning Netanyahu not to succumb to “settlers”, he seems oblivious of the fact that entire Israel is a huge settlement! It is this mass of land that many historians and solidarity activists regard as colonized Palestine awaiting liberation and to which refugees are anxious to return."

A direct and immediate impact

"What has further aggravated the situation has been the inconsequential role of the international community, which, under US leadership, has veered between ineffectiveness and partiality. The lack of a balanced and determined international position will only magnify the effect on the peace process of the coming Israeli elections."

Arms Export Control Act: Israeli Breaches and U.S. Indulgence Result in...

"Perhaps most egregiously, the U.S. Congress failed to stand up for American citizen Rachel Corrie and her family after Corrie was crushed to death in the Gaza Strip by a Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer. The timidity of American officials regarding Corrie's death and the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians and Lebanese undercuts American standing in the world and creates a dramatic rift between American law and its implementation. Both Democrats and Republicans have failed to apply the law where Israel is concerned. Consequently, Israeli officials take increasing liberties in using American firepower on the field of battle-and in civilian neighborhoods."



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