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Taxila, Pakistan and me

"...Pakistan is not given much publicity in the West as a great tourist destination. When I told my Canadian friends that I would be traveling to Pakistan, some frowned and asked, "whatever for?" Others thought it was a risky idea, for several reasons..."

The Lucky Indians

"While India's vast population of more than 1 billion somehow seems to hold together, the country itself has failed to resolve major problems, such as the status of Kashmir and the Sikh separatist movement. Moreover, the collective Indian psyche is still profoundly wounded by the 1947 partition; no healing process has yet begun."

No religion has a monopoly on violence and misuse

"The lesson for all in these troubled times: do not blame a religion, any religion, as the root cause for so much violence in today's world. Blame instead fanatical politicians, marginal power-seekers, and militant terrorists, who distort and exploit legitimate religious beliefs in order to expedite self-serving secular agendas. It is never the message at fault, but rather, its misappropriation and misuse."



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