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Praying with our Feet at Occupy Oakland

"...no movement is perfect, and we have our problems and distortions. But the key is to have compassion for our distortions, compassion for everyone including those who right now don’t support us, and use this moment to thank the universe for the opportunity to overcome cynicism and fight for the world most people really want but don’t yet realize that they are not alone, and that their highest vision may be utopian, but utopian plans are far more “realistic” than the mush being generated by the realists in the media and in Washington, D.C."

Taxila, Pakistan and me

"...Pakistan is not given much publicity in the West as a great tourist destination. When I told my Canadian friends that I would be traveling to Pakistan, some frowned and asked, "whatever for?" Others thought it was a risky idea, for several reasons..."

India votes for Secularism and Poverty-Alleviation

"There were two main factors that turned the electorate against the BJP: The promotion of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi (largely-held responsible for the post-Godhra Hindu-Muslim riots in 2002) as a star campaigner and the BJP’s nauseating “India Shining” advertising campaign."

Dangerous Delhi: Lawlessness prevalent in India’s capital city

"India can only shine if its capital is free of this crime menace and is safe for everybody, locals, Indians and foreigners alike."



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