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Economics vs. Politics

"In order to dig itself out of this economic situation, the leadership of Jordan has no choice but to find a political mechanism that ensures that all sectors of society, including the Islamists, are participating in the overall decision-making process. If not, the country will continue to suffer from ups and downs and changes of governments, which cannot be the formula for long-term political or economic stability in the country."

Iran and the Brunt of Nuclear Crucifixion

"Given the destructive power of these nuclear weapons and the fact that they can easily bring the world to the brink of destruction if not to total chaos, the idea of a safe world is but absurdly grotesque. Even more grotesque is the fact that a number of the so-called international bodies lie through their teeth about Iran’s nuclear energy program which Iranian leaders vehemently enunciate are meant for only civilian purposes and shut their eyes to the potentially apocalyptic horror these weapons can unleash in the hands that hold them."

Weighing the Price of Resistance

"The Palestinian struggle has taken on many forms over the years, none of which have yet fulfilled the final goal of liberation. This is not entirely the fault of the Palestinians themselves; the cards are unquestionably stacked against them, what with Israel and its staunch ally the United States. But the internal trappings of the Palestinian struggle and the effectiveness of its forms of resistance is something we Palestinians must measure and weigh on our own....As usual, Israel has taken advantage of the crude rockets fired from Gaza’s territory as an excuse to fire back with cruel, extremely disproportionate force. Israel makes no apologies for striking at Palestinians, especially when it has a so-called “justification”....Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on October 30 said at a special cabinet session that Israel's defense policy was based on two principles: "Kill or be killed" and "He who harms you should bear the blood on his head".

Fighting for Jerusalem, Book by Book

"The onus does not fall solely on the Palestinian schools in east Jerusalem facing the brunt of the pressure but also on the Palestinian Authority to fight for Jerusalem. This is primarily a matter of education but it is also about our political will. If Israel gets its way, it would have cemented one more tool supporting the claim that Jerusalem is part of Israel. This is something we as Palestinians cannot accept no matter the pressure. First grade teachers, unite and teach the young minds before you the beautiful colors of Palestine."

Why settlements must go

"The entire world community including the United States agrees that settlements are illegal and an obstruction to any fair and lasting peace deal. The presence of settlers on occupied Palestinian land is a provocation in and of itself and deserves condemnation in the strongest terms. Israel’s government, which is ultimately responsible for the sustainability of these colonies, also deserves denunciation for purposely shunning international law and intentionally denying Palestinian rights."



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