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For his own good, Saudi Crown Prince must seek graceful exit...

The civil war in Yemen is essentially a sectarian and tribal conflict but Riyadh has made its neighbors' troubles worse by meddling in their...

Gaddafi dead: What next?

"The question that arises here is: how can Gaddafi's death benefit the Libyans on their path to democracy?....With the West consolidating their foothold in the country and the US carving out the fate of the Libyans, there leaves little room for a bright horizon for the country until the people unite together and decide for themselves."

Israel’s has no right to defend the indefensible

"Israel...Violates International Law, the Geneva Conventions and over 60 UN Security Council resolutions demanding the return of stolen lands and Human Rights....Ignores the ruling of the International Court of Justice on the Apartheid Wall...Dismisses with contempt recommendations by special rapporteurs like Professors Dugard, Falk and Justices Richard Goldstone and Navi Pillai..."

Our Heroes in Uniform

"...what about some girls (and boys) closer to home who would also like to go to a proper school and would also like to have some of the basic necessities of life, such as decent shelter and food and clothing and clean drinking water? There are thousands of Real Canadians who do not have any of these things. I call them Real Canadians because they are the First Nations of this land, the original inhabitants, or what is left of them after centuries of genocide and land theft by the colonial conquerors who sailed over from Europe and decided to make this their land."

Ayn Rand’s Excellent Proposal

"Perhaps, just perhaps, some of that “redirected” 90% and recovered $150 bonus-billions might be used to bail-out failing Main Street businesses, restructure foreclosed mortgages, hire workers to repair and renew the disintegrating physical and human infrastructure – the roads, bridges, railbeds, utilities, public schools and universities, and courts – without which no industrial economy can function. Without which, in other words, those allegedly indispensible “producers” could never have accumulated their wealth."



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