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Bangladesh’s Unemployment Nightmare!

The other day I was talking with Raju, an unemployed Bangladeshi with a graduate degree in Pharmacy. After graduating from a private university, he...

My $10,000 mideast travel extravegan​za

"Forty four years of forced military occupation has had its toll on the population and has brought about misery and hardship in addition to total denial of entry to millions. The leadership of the countries of the region as well as international leaders should pay attention to the entire process of travel across this singularly only point of exit and return for Palestinians. I should not have to pay $10,000 to use my car to travel and hundreds of thousands should not be denied the right to use their own means of transportation."

When elephants fight, it is only the grass that suffers

"Many Iraqis believe that the best foreign policy for Iraq is to have no enemies, resolve its problems with its neighbors peacefully, and maintain strategic relations with both the US and Iran. This is not easy when those two countries are in a state of confrontation. It would be best for Iraq's interests that the US and Iran realign their relations. Of course, this would require a strategic shift on the part of both countries--a serious challenge given the history of their relations and the anticipated pushback by Israel, the Saudis, and American and Iranian hardliners. But a stalemate, the ongoing rise of Turkey, and changes brought by the Arab spring could cause decisionmakers in both countries to reconsider."

Ongoing, but more complex

"While the situation in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip is very different, this regional wave hit Palestinians as well. Palestinian youth, also encouraged and inspired by the sprit and tools of the movements in Arab countries, especially Egypt, translated their anger and desire for freedom into the issue that they identified as the greatest domestic priority: the reconciliation of Palestinian factions."

America, Inc. Is Here. Get With The Program!

"It is well-known that since the Reagan administration, Congressional legislation has largely been written by corporate lobbyists, even though bills have routinely borne the names of legislators. With the privatization of the government we may now, at last, see an end to such political hypocrisy and the resulting public cynicism about government. With no further pretense of representing "the people," politicians may now be openly identified by their correct designations: e.g., "Senator Libermann from Met Life," "Senator Chamblis from Diebold," "Senator Baucus from United Health," "Senator Gillibrand from Philip Morris," "Senator McCain from the National Rifle Association," and so on."



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