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That Would Be Really Hard

"I don't care if you donate a lot of money to charity, or not.  I don't even care if you pay your taxes. I don't care about your religious beliefs. I don't care if you cheat on your husband - none of my business. I don't care if you feed your kids Twinkies for breakfast.  I care only about the domestic and foreign policy that you support.  People die every day because of those policies. I might believe that you care about us, if you ever resign from the Republican/Democratic Party, but I know that that would be really hard. ""

A Question of Values and Ethics

"Other areas of concern are the Tea Party/Republican cuts in the Pell Grant, which makes it possible for poor and middle class kids to go to college. Further, one of the Right’s perennial scapegoats continues to be immigrants. I think that most immigrants are positive in and for America, and much of the Tea Party/Republican anti-immigrant attitude and stance are xenophobic and racist in nature."

How Eurocentric is Your Day?

"During the eighteenth century, many of the leading Enlightenment thinkers were keenly aware that Chinese had preceded them in their emphasis on reasoning by some two millennia. By the end of this century, however, a more muscular, more confident Europe chose to erase their debt to China from its collective memory."

Things to do before I retire :: …from the diary of...

"Other folks say Iraq is kinda like the new Vietnam. I couldn’t really say ’cause I’ve only been to Iraq at Thanksgiving and I never went to ‘Nam in the Seventies – it was way too dangerous back then. But Dick says that 60,000 of our guys died in Vietnam and we’ve only lost about 4,000 so far in Iraq, so that’s really good going. No-one takes notice of the injured guys so they don’t count. I do feel bad for the brave service men and ladies who get popped, though. Just last week Condee came into my office and told me that three Brazilian soldiers had been killed in Baghdad and I was really awful upset. ‘How many is a brazilian?’ I asked."

Thomas Friedman: Hooked on War

"...Iraqi civilians keep dying from the U.S. war effort and other violence catalyzed by the occupation; meanwhile, of course, not a single concert or merry-go-round has stopped in the USA."



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