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Bare Naked Brand Names

"After the massive success of social media, new domain name management platforms will further kindle huge fires up the major global branding and marketing services. A new stage is being set by ICANN (the International Corporation of Assigned names & Numbers) and their gTLD global top level domain name program, where name-centricity will drive the digital branding explosion. What should the brand owners do? Strip their business name clean of every support, attachment, and gimmick and assess the risk of them being lost in the crowd of common language. Without a professional name evaluation report the entire marketing and branding budget may be questionable. A distinct name identity is what separates a name from a word; the stripped down identity test will prove this."

The Quick Demise of Qwikster – ICANN gTLD Approach

"Today, each serious marketer has to come to grips and selective abandon the traditional education over mastering the new emerging platforms because the next battle is all about ‘mass customer acquisition’ and ‘mass customer-touch-points’ achieved by practicing ‘market domination via name identity.’ At this level of complexity this topic is neither discussed at universities nor do MBA programs anywhere in the world and for this reason alone there is so much fear about the new platforms."

A concerted effort from Europe against Israeli produce exporter Agrexco

"The land confiscations, the stolen water, the house demolitions, the checkpoints, make it impossible for Palestinians to develop their own economy. A reasonable person can draw but one conclusion, these policies serve to drive the Palestinians from their land."

It’s just as well the world is busy elsewhere

"...while the Itamar attack renders a renewed peace process less likely, the truth is that it wasn't likely before Itamar. Netanyahu is really not interested and his coalition is incapable of sustaining even minimal concessions. This factor, too, explains why the prime minister's protests about incitement sounded so hollow....Since Netanyahu has nothing to offer, it's just as well the world is busy elsewhere."

Arab Attitudes One Year after Cairo

"...it is fair to say that Arab attitudes one year after Cairo are both cautious and mature. They are neither unrealistically hopeful nor excessively deflated. They are still waiting for needed change and open to recognize it when it comes."



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