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The Domino Effect: Is London Next?

"It is evident that the Wall Street protests which were initially blacked out by the mainstream media and the top US echelons but were later considered to be an exacerbating social woe by the same powers have had its impact on upcoming events in Europe. In its futile attempt to curb the paralyzing power of the will of the people, Britain has only lent more strength and vigor to it, paving the way for more social unrest....The Arab Spring which wafted over the USA like a gentle breeze has now transmogrified into a hurricane, reaching Britain, and the domino effect will inevitably prevail in most parts of Europe which have already witnessed scenes of unrest on account of the governments' inefficiency and the deteriorating economic situation across the continent."

Muslim Americans brace for backlash in the wake of Fort Hood...

"When a person who happens to be a member of an established religion, say a Christian or a Jew, commits a crime, the media refers to him as a criminal and questions his act. When, however, the one who commits the crime happens to be a Muslim, the media refers to him as a Muslim and question his faith."

Crisis 2006: When Pariah States Cry Wolf

"It’s sad that the world is expending so much energy on the life of one soldier engaging in state-sponsored terrorism, yet the world doesn’t so much as wince when another Palestinian child is killed. Unfortunately, while Palestinians brace themselves for further destruction and a possible Jenin-style massacre, the international community is rooting Israel on like it’s a 26-1 underdog in the Kentucky Derby."

Refocus: Polling Places for Palestinians in Upcoming Elections

"Israel’s allies do not tell Israeli leadership to stop the violence."

Down at the Car Wash

"Yesterday as I went about my chores, I realized that my car was filthy from my moving, and I was too darn tired to clean it myself (I usually do, an old habit from Brooklyn) so I stopped off at a "gasless" car wash. They had NO gas, but were still washing cars. We are in the middle of gas "crisis?" here in Phoenix."



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