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The Month of Normality

"The relevant entities would be We the People and They the Government. If a President was attacking peace, prosperity, civil rights, the environment, the rule of law, and social justice at every turn, we would object exactly as if the future of life in this country and on this planet depended on it. We would allow elected officials' actions to speak and pay no heed whatsoever to their words. If the president's actions violated everything we held dear (this is just a theoretical example, of course) then we would eagerly and aggressively resist with nonviolence. We would put our bodies onto the wheels and gears of the machine until it could not function."

Is Pakistan’s ‘Monkey Show’ coming apart?

"There are some signs that this monkey show is coming apart. The top monkeys in the show are beginning to fear for their lives: they cannot anymore trust the Pakistani military men and police officers they have picked to give them security. As a result, they are now looking into hiring foreign mercenaries to improve their personal security."

Israelis and Palestinians unite to confront settler colonialists

"We should oppose any extremism whether it is in politics or religion. Evil begets evil in politics and religion and evil is defined as the premeditating harm, which is inflected upon others to dispossess, can only bring about the same to the aggressor."

Holy Land Foundation: When Prosecution turns to Persecution

"This re-trial was nothing more than the advancement of a government witch-hunt pursued in the atmosphere of Islamophobia and sparing no cost in the so-called "War on Terror." It has led to a prosecution that when analyzed adds up to nothing more than persecution that relied upon hearsay."

More trouble ahead

"...even moderate Israeli actors are contributing to Arab-Jewish alienation in Israel. The fence/wall that so mindlessly cuts off East Jerusalem Arabs from their brethren in the West Bank is radicalizing them--witness the series of suicidal attacks launched in West Jerusalem by frustrated Palestinians from the outlying villages of East Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Israeli governmental refusal to create new Arab towns or an Arab university exacerbates the pressures generated by the increasingly crowded Arab living space in Israel."



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