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Searching for the perfect model

"Egypt's presidential elections are being watched very closely by friend and foe alike. The emerging democratic model that Egyptians will produce will most likely become a model for an Arab world longing for an end to autocratic rule that has left Arabs lagging behind the rest of the world. So long as the new model includes genuine power-sharing systems and a bottom-up approach to solving problems, the future will most certainly be much prettier than the past. Any attempts at reversing the gains made by the people of Egypt will not be tolerated by Egyptians who have started to taste freedom and democracy. The genie of democracy is out and it will not be forced back into the bottle any time soon."

Not a finished product

"...lest we forget, Fateh and Hamas did not split because of Israel, and they have not decided to reconcile because of Israel. As with the broader, volatile situation around us in the region, here too we are best advised, at least at this point in time, not to interfere."

Rumsfeld Overheard: "War Lies Are Cool Now"

"Rumsfeld revealed the strategy behind the revelations made in his book about the illegal secret operations he helped set in motion shortly after the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001..."

Rites of Passage :: Nonfiction :: – (Short Story)

Growing up in Locust Point, just after WWII, along South Baltimore’s harbor, had some special memories for me. One of them was learning how to swim in the waters of the harbor. The foot of Hull Street, where the water was at least 32 feet deep, and murky as heck and full of chemicals, was where the local kids went swimming. For some, like myself, it was for the very first time.

The Olympic Games were excellent; too bad about all the hype

The 2010 Winter Olympics was like a huge economic and public relations prize carrot that the organizers dangled in front of us and expected us to chase after. The games was not so much a 17-day sports event that happened to take place in my corner of the world as it was the climax of an enervating four-year sensory assault of cheerleading, advertising and sloganeering.



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