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Iran Deal: A Bird in the Hand…

It is generally agreed that a bird in the hand is worth two (or three, or more) in the bush. President Trump, however, does...

Whatever you do, don’t say ‘Thank you’

"On this Eid, if they can, Palestinians should visit Jerusalem and go to the beach. Every Palestinian has a right to smell the Mediterranean from the beautiful shores of Jaffa or to walk the alleyways of the Old City. But remember, Israel does not offer permits or ease restrictions at checkpoints because they love us. It is to ease them into accepting isolation of Jerusalem as a given and have us thank them for allowing us into their malls and their beach-side restaurants."

The hand that spurs Iran sanctions

"Indeed, the sanctions are an invasion of justice, a tacit declaration of war and a brutal tactic of breaking down a determined nation who sees no point in bowing down to Washington’s imperialist lust or capitulating to the thieving Zionist regime which has stolen the dreams of a nation."

Come on World, it can’t get clearer than this

"So, what is the world waiting for? The Palestinians have accepted negotiations, which ultimately led to nowhere. The leadership has made concessions, which at times have landed them in hot water with their own people, all for the sake of peace. They have accepted western standards for peace in a Middle Eastern world and have accepted them without complaint. They have convinced their people that for the sake of preserving any of Palestine we would have to accept only a portion of it....No doubt, they have made mistakes along the way, armfuls of them. But all said and done, they have played by the game fair and square."

Reform, loyalty and sports

"Reform in Jordan has yet to arrive full force. Tiny steps have been taken by the 42 amendments to the Jordanian Constitution. Contrary to expectation, these changes will do little to usher in a democratic phase in Jordan. While some amendments have been welcomed by human rights activists, the overall picture of the changes reflects mostly superficial amendments that are unlikely to shake up the governing process in the Kingdom."



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