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Justified, despite the many mistakes

"The land-grab intention was largely thwarted, and in a few areas is still being thwarted, by a combination of Israel High Court of Justice rulings and international and domestic Israeli pressure. Of the eight percent or so of the West Bank that is today "attached" to Israel by the fence, some portions still have little justification in terms of security."

A Hollow Bomber Jacket

"Evidence of the Obama administration’s “moral collapse” is profuse; the pattern is clear, the consequences already terrible. During the weeks and months ahead, progressives will need to engage in fresh strategic discussions. Public candor may be insufficient, but it is necessary."

A Unique "Islamic Republic"

"...in Pakistan some 2% of population owns some 80% of the wealth. If this is an Islamic Republic then I would be happier in a sweaper non-Islamic but more egalitarian pariah state....Such is the love for Islam that Islam is discovered by this country's elite only when US Dollars are required or the elite is under threat."

A Bomber Jacket Doesn’t Cover the Blood

"In the realm of careful abstraction, where actual people are rendered invisible, best not to acknowledge how much better it would be if those veterans could pursue their dreams without suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries in the first place."

Abuse of Language threatens American Freedoms

"It is vitally important to pierce through the cloud of obfuscation and inflated rhetoric of the past decade and to advance a clearer understanding of who we are as a people and the exact nature of our role in the world. The reality we will discover is neither Bush’s divinely ordained America with its saving mission nor Palin’s more narrowly defined chauvinism."



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