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Mic tells tale of growing US-Israel gap

"...it's clear that Israel does not hesitate to embarrass its largest and most powerful supporter before the eyes of the international community, should it sense an iota of threat that it might be compelled to make concessions and abandon its expansionistic policies."

Mr. President!

"For you, Mr. President, Palestinians and Palestine are problems to be dealt with. I didn’t get the sense from your lecture that there is a flesh and blood issue that needs exposure and redress. Like what was necessary for Jews. Like what is still necessary for Jews....It seems your presidential chalk board is filled with Jews and Jewish history. When you come to Palestinians, you turn to the board and write – “Problem.”

‘Let them eat coriander!’ :: Blockade ‘eased’ as Gaza starves more...

"In truth, Israel’s “security” blockade is, in both its old and new incarnations, every bit a “civilian” blockade. It was designed and continues to be “collective punishment” of the people of Gaza for electing the wrong rulers. Helpfully, international law defines the status of Israel’s policy: it is a crime against humanity....Easing the siege so that Gaza starves more slowly may be better than nothing. But breaking 1.5 million Palestinians out of the prison Israel has built for them is the real duty of the international community."

War in a Box

"Martin Luther King Jr. aptly likened the Vietnam War to a “demonic suction tube.” And demonic suction tubes can’t be boxed. In the real world, war’s ripple effects lead to a kaleidoscope of terrible consequences, near and far. You can’t keep a war in a box any more than you can deliver a government in a box."

Clinton’s arm-twisting diplomacy in Pakistan

"The question that Clinton and the Obama administration would have to confront head on is whether the United States over relying on military solutions would be counterproductive and could destabilize Pakistan in the long run. Ordinary Pakistanis' increased discomfort with the use of military force in tribal areas is evident by the public and unsubtle reaction to Clinton’s remarks."



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