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The ICC: Europe’s Guantanamo Bay for Africa?

"Africa fought long and hard for its independence. It must reject this new "legal" colonialism. The ICC’s double-standards and autistic legal blundering in Africa has derailed delicate peace processes – thereby prolonging devastating civil wars. There is a clear lesson for countries in Africa and elsewhere: do not join the ICC and do not refer your country to the ICC. It is the equivalent of inviting a cancer into your system."

‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’

"...what cuts painfully deep, is the possibility that our own leadership, those who vowed to fight side by side with us in our struggle for freedom, could be accomplices to this undermining of justice. What's more, those in favor of the decision continue to insist that the move is in the best interests of our people."

Fastened To A Dying Animal: A short jeremiad regarding that affront...

"It should be increasingly clear to see that the corporate media's job has never been to be unbiased chroniclers of the events and circumstances of a free republic. Rather, they are active agents serving to protect and promulgate the pernicious myths of free market capitalism. And they are a highly partisan lot. Moreover, they have been highly successful in their mission. Hence, our lives, both inner and outer, have been conquered and colonized by the corporate empire, and a resultant forced occupation dominates our days determining the trajectory of our brief lives upon this earth."

Hopelessly Poor in Power

"There is hopeless poverty in Pakistan's power scene; poverty of wisdom or sobriety and of humility."

Give Iran Positive Incentives to Halt Its Nuclear Program

"Israeli saber rattling and the blundering U.S. invasion of Iraq, which scared the Iranians into thinking that they might be next on the U.S. hit list, would logically lead Iran to seek nuclear weapons as rapidly as possible to restrain those powers’ actions. But Iran also may have an incentive not to weaponize its nuclear program. Iran is the 800-pound gorilla in the Persian Gulf region. If it got nuclear weapons, this might spur Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other neighboring states to go down that route. Such developments would essentially nullify Iran’s advantage."



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