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Palestinian strategy towards independence

"The talks are cleverly organised to allow for positive press and a photo opportunity before the mid-term elections; the necessary arm-twisting will be completed long before the beginning of the presidential reelection season....If as a result of Israeli obstructionism the talks fail, Palestinians will have no choice but to declare their state unilaterally and hope that the world will recognise it."

A pillar of state-building

"The main importance of the Fayyad plan is that it allows Palestinians to move toward achieving the objectives of ending the Israeli occupation and establishing their state on two parallel tracks. The first is in actual developments on the ground where the Palestinian government has been taking positive steps readying Palestinians for statehood, not only in their own eyes but also in the eyes of the international community, which has been financing these efforts."

The Source of the Economic Crisis: A Chicago State of Mind

This "Chicago" state of mind, Gates argues, had far-reaching consequences that could have been easily foreseen by its advocates. "The results of this purpose-driven ‘operating system’ were guaranteed to concentrate wealth and income and thereby undermine both democracies and markets. By equating personal freedom with financial freedom, we were induced to freely embrace the very forces that now jeopardize freedom," Gates says.

Fayyad’s brilliant two-year plan for Palestinian Statehood

"This is a brilliant plan that works with or without Israeli cooperation. If the Israelis want a negotiated settlement, the plan gives negotiators two years to reach it. However, if the Israelis drag their feet, a Palestinian state will exist in reality by then."

Ben-Gurion and Massacre of Deir Yassin

"Historical facts, which chronicle the injustice committed against indigenous Palestinians by Jewish migrants, have unfortunately been relegated to mere footnotes."



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