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The Last Crusade or Ron Paul

"Citizens take note; this crusade is different. Does God know that his children are flaunting nuclear weapons around like toy swords and cap-pistols? It might well be that we will see the last crusade but we do have a choice for a short time, slim that it is. We are standing on the edge of a cliff like lemmings ready to take the suicidal plunge and one man stands ready to turn the tide in favor of humanity."

Rites of Passage :: Nonfiction :: – (Short Story)

Growing up in Locust Point, just after WWII, along South Baltimore’s harbor, had some special memories for me. One of them was learning how to swim in the waters of the harbor. The foot of Hull Street, where the water was at least 32 feet deep, and murky as heck and full of chemicals, was where the local kids went swimming. For some, like myself, it was for the very first time.

Not Serious, Again

"To be serious would mean taking the bold risk of seeking real independence, from Israel and the US. It would have meant acting independently, not asking permission from the US or EU or even the UN. It would have meant actually organizing and relying on popular support for strength and legitimacy, and having that popular support earn the recognition of the international community. It would have required vision."

Is bloom in step with reality of today’s oppressors?

"In his fascination with neocons, Bloom shamelessly applauds their failed policies. Yet in contrast he attacks persons of integrity such as Noam Chomsky and Edward Said.”

Zionist Israel at 60 – Palestine before the Zionists

"So much for the Zionist lie that they have made the Palestinian "desert" bloom. History offers a true and picturesque eyewitness to the contrary."



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