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"Footnotes in Gaza" :: Book Review ::

"What is unique about this book is its style of presentation. Footnotes in Gaza is a picture book, or a work of illustrative journalism to be more precise. Make no mistake, however, the content is not recommended for young readers. In fact, Sacco sketches the gruesome details of massacre in only the way images can describe, leaving an indelible mark on the memory of the reader that words alone could not accomplish."

Palestinians in Diaspora – (Poem)

In our Diaspora, we flick the channels
Hoping to hear more of the plight of Gazans
On other newscasts. Instead we see Oprah
Promoting the cause of homeless dogs

New Horizons or Same Matrix of Control in US-Israel relations?

"It will remain a huge tragedy if the Obama administration remains blinded to its own complicity in Palestinian suffering while chasing shadows in pursuit of a “peace process” whose architects are the perpetrators of colossal crimes."

What’s Happening Out of Camera Range?

"...people who’ve been incarcerated are apt to know something that American media outlets rarely acknowledge: Beyond the glare of publicity and outside of camera range, people in police custody and behind bars are vulnerable to capricious and dangerous acts of violence by tax-funded employees."



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