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Obama: Assassin Extraordinary!

"Obama's default position on Islam that is evident in his reluctance to de-link from the notorious military control of Egypt despite a popular revolution that toppled his ally Hosni Mubarak!...Likewise his unjudicious role in manipulating UN resolutions to lead US/NATO bombardment of Libya; his arming and backing of dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to retain power by crushing civil rights movements; and his illegal unilateral sanctions on Iran has not endeared him to Muslims desirous of living freely and in dignity."

The State of Palestine Never Forgets its Own

"The refugees have every right to return, to be compensated for the injustices rained down upon them since 1948 and to be allowed a life of freedom and dignity. Sabra and Shatilla will always remain a stark reminder that the world failed the Palestinians. It is too late for those whose lives were lost 30 years ago. For the living, however, there is never a wrong time to make things right."

Is Rape ‘Legal’ in the West?

"If rape is a serious crime, it should carry a serious level of punishment as a minimum. On the contrary, the minimum level of punishment prescribed is five years, with early plea that gets reduced to half or a third, and the offender is likely to serve half of that, just over a year. Such light punishment implies there is tacit permit to tolerate such things; it seems rape is treated more like minor offence, almost legal. What happened to being the flag bearer of women’s rights?"

Indian brutality, killings in Kashmir continue

"Since 2002, India has purchased $5 billion worth of Israeli weapons. On the flip side of the coin, the Kashmiris have adopted the Palestinian youth’s tactics of confronting the heavily armed Indian troops with stones. Resistance tactics recognize no borders."

Natural selection applies to modern dinosaurs, too

Death by natural selection is how life renews itself—the maladapted die off so that new life may flourish. With that fact firmly established, I’d like to turn to the man-made world, man-made dinosaurs and man-made selection.



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