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America Has a Good Story; But It’s Not the One Politicians...

"The American story is not one about a country that was born great. It is the story of a country that is struggling to become better. And this is the story that is worth telling. It is one infused with humility, a recognition of our failings and our continuing efforts to correct injustice and make change. This may not be the story-line favored by some politicians, but it is one that can inspire."

The Graciousness of the Fasting during Ramadan

"The real aim of fasting has been described to be ‘Taqwa’ which means to struggle every moment to keep away from all sorts of evils and try not to transgress any limits prescribed by Allah. The fasting gives the man the power to control his animal desires aroused by animal instincts."

All that is needed at this time is public Arab support

"With Europeans supporting a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood, the only obstacle remaining to Palestinian leaders are the Americans. When Palestinians asked George Mitchell, the US special envoy, for assurances that the US would support such a statehood declaration if talks failed, the American responded that such a commitment would make talks pointless. Perhaps. Nevertheless, once the four-month period is over and there is no breakthrough, it will be important to find a way to get America to join Europe in recognizing a unilaterally declared state."

One of the signs of the coming of The Mahdi: Rise...

"One of the signs of the coming of the Mahdi revealed by the Prophet (saas) is a rise in economic difficulties and grave economic recession."

We should count our blessings

"...both the Obama and the McCain campaigns are talking about investing a major policy-planning and staff-planning effort now, in parallel with their campaigns and with the November-January interregnum, with the objective of "hitting the ground running" at least with regard to the Middle East. If they succeed, this would end the current "between administrations" period sometime in early 2009 rather than in midyear."



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