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Jewish town in Galilee demands ‘loyalty oath’ :: New bylaw designed...

"Critics are calling the bylaw, adopted by Manof, home to 170 Jewish families in Galilee, a local “loyalty oath” similar to a national scheme recently proposed by the far-Right party of the government minister Avigdor Lieberman."

War on Gaza: Israeli Action, Not Reaction

"Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt hit directly at the root cause of the Gaza conflict. "They will dig tunnels out of desperation and there will be no way of stopping all these tunnels if you don't open up the border," he said. Bildt was joined by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown who urged ending "Gaza's economic isolation by reopening the crossings that link it to the outside world."

World Premiere of Documentary "With Blood"

"People are dying at the checkpoints," one ambulance driver says. "I spend five or six hours a day waiting at checkpoints." The day he was interviewed he shared that one woman in labor and one man with chest pains were both delayed at the checkpoints. Can newborns and stressed hearts wait?"

This is my country…

"...While the evacuation of a few settlers from the occupied Gaza strip causes a political havoc, threatening to overturn the government which has democratically voted for it, millions are pumped into strengthening the majority of settlements on the occupied West Bank..."

Shifting sands and awakening public

"As citizens and filmmakers begin to question of a system corrupted by power and influence, perhaps it is time for US mainstream media to allow full discussion and disclosure of the facts."




Appeal to Arafat

Fallacy of Terrorism

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