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The wrong emphasis

"We need Christians in the Middle East, where Christianity was born. Too bad we focused the Pope's visit on the Holocaust rather than on the urgent task of ensuring Christianity's survival in the region."

Fateh and Hamas in Tight Race for the Legislature

"For Hamas, the Israeli decision to bar it from campaigning is a win-win situation. Some Hamas candidates see the controversy over Jerusalem as free publicity. Furthermore, Palestinians expect the PA to guarantee the rights of all parties to campaign in Jerusalem including Hamas. Despite the recent detainments of its campaign workers, candidates, and supporters, Hamas continues to campaign in Jerusalem."

Palestinian Attitudes Ahead of the Abbas-Bush Meeting

"Palestinians also poll high on the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails and an improvement of economic conditions which requires the easing of the Israeli siege on Palestinian cities. Among respondents, 64 percent in Gaza and 46 percent in the West Bank believe that the disengagement from Gaza will improve economic conditions. The majority overall (56 percent) expect consolidation of ties and a territorial link between the two areas in the aftermath of Israel’s disengagement."



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